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Direct Access Healthcare

Hospital Surgery Medical Share Plan


A Better Way to Buy Healthcare

Payless for premium, shop for medical products and services and save.

It’s time for Direct Access!

Direct Access Healthcare

Why Direct Access Healthcare

Do you think the government, healthcare providers, insurance companies or drug companies will fix healthcare? We don’t! These organizations have goals to make more money. We have a long-term healthcare solution; it’s called transparency and consumerism.

Why would you or your insurance company pay:

$193 when you can pay $75 for the same service?
$116 when you can pay $30 for the same lab test?
$1,000 when you can pay $500 for the same procedure?

Most health insurance companies won’t let you choose the lower cost service. In fact, it punishes you for using the lower cost service. Learn how to stop using your health insurance for low cost consumer healthcare products and services and keep your money in your pocket.

Benefits of Direct Access Healthcare

Healthcare is very complex with insurance processing payments for consumers. What if you could find the price for a service you seek and pay for the service without health insurance for less then using insurance?

Services we offer:

Direct Access Price Schedules – Online access to prices for most healthcare procedures comparing prices between health providers

Cash Discounts – Learn how to take advantage of healthcare discounts from most healthcare providers.

Direct Pay Providers – Find providers in your area that cost substantially less then the large health systems for office visits, labs, prescription drugs and surgery.

Health Concierge – Personal service for any question on accessing healthcare or cost. Includes personal health coach, focus groups and pharmacy reviews.

Open Enrollment – Change or enroll onto a health insurance plan the first of any month with no pre-existing conditions.

No Tax Penalty – Learn how not to pay the tax penalty for going without health insurance. No one should have to pay this penalty.

Cost Containment Services – Resolve billing issues and dramatically lower the total cost of your medical bills even after you already received medical treatment.

You will be fixing the healthcare system. There are only two ways to lower healthcare cost; find lower cost and use less healthcare products and services. Shopping and finding lower cost is the best way to show healthcare providers price matters.

Direct Access Member Cost:

$500 Annually
$50 Monthly

$75 Annual membership website access only discount and pricing information.

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    Accident Benefit

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  • Hospital Surgery Medical Share Plan

    Hospital Surgery Medical Share Plan

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  • Cash Providers - Freedom to choose doctors, therapists, pharmacies, etc.

    Cash Providers - Freedom to choose doctors, therapists, pharmacies, etc.

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  • Major Health System Cash Uninsured Discount

    Major Health System Cash Uninsured Discount

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